The Election Of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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I believe the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and the differences the northern and southern states had about the abolishment of slavery played a major role in why the Civil War was fought. Abraham Lincoln believed that southern states did not reserve the right to avoid the abolishment of slavery. Abraham was an anti-slavery republican who believed slavery was bad for business, and he did not want to see slavery spread to other parts of the United States. He was a strong advocate for citizens working for money instead of working for free. The idea of people being enslaved for work was not only cruel, but it also was not beneficial to America’s financial state. Although Lincoln was personally against slavery, he never said he wanted to end slavery in the South because he knew that having southern states’ support would be more beneficial to his candidacy. With Lincoln being a republican, he couldn’t speak the whole truth about his thoughts on slavery. Lincoln felt that it would be impossible to get the southern states to agree with the abolishment of slavery.
Lincoln did not want to interfere with the policies of slaveholding states because he would need their electoral votes to win the presidential election. His platform was trusted by the voters of the Northeast and Midwest, but not in the South. A few southerners worried that the slave population would become too large for them to handle. They supposed that in due time, blacks and whites would battle for control, so they…

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