Essay on The Effects Of Violence On Media On Society

1100 Words Feb 26th, 2016 5 Pages
Introductory Paragraph:
This essay implores the idea that the stress of violence in media isn’t causing a rising in violent acts, but is causing a fear in the public of the violence that could potentially be done to them. Through the studies in sociology class, it is undeniable that people around us and media around us causes us to make certain decisions. This topic has been a substantial issue in today’s society due to the expanding number of violent games and movies.
Limits on our Choices: According to John J. Macionis in “Society: The Basics”, there are four agents of socialization: family, school, peers, and mass media. Each agent is a result of a different value you hold high on your standards. Family values are a result of the nurturing aspect in your life. This initial lesson on life’s values, traditions, and norms is a way that a child approaches the choices given to him/her. Many variables can contribute to decision-making skills. These variables are dependent on the socioeconomic standards of the house, the person’s geographic location, and the values of the parents. The family portion of socialization creates an initial foundation of ethics that a person can build on. The next influence factoring into a person’s perception on socialization is from the schooling systems. We can attribute much of our socialization to schools because we are exposed to the structure of school from age 6 to 24. Elementary and secondary school is where we learn the basic values of…

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