The Effects Of Video Games On Children Essay

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The effect on a child that plays or is addicted to violent video games could, mentally and physically effect your child depending on the type of game they are playing. Some video games have an age requirement to tell if he or she is old enough. Which means if a child doesn’t meet the age requirement or isn’t mature enough to play the game they should definitely not have contact with the game or watch some one else play the game. From the prospective of a seventeen year old male, most teenagers don’t even think about video games until introduced to games by family or friends. The introduction of violent video games usually start off with simple games like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. After the new user realizes that he/she is the only person their age playing such games then one begin to explore more challenging and age applicable games. After reaching the top levels in most video games the gamer seek even more challenging video games. Games that are popular are the ones rate M for mature. So this means that either there’s something in the game that may lure and/or entice the player. Something , such as sex or violence or language are the top three characters for maturity. Most children don’t even think about playing video games until they are teenagers looking for new to experience because they are older. Which can lead to the reason some kids would want to play violent video games or maybe it’s just that they are bored and tired of playing the same
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