The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy On The United States Essay

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Statistics in this article show that although there has been a decline in teen pregnancy, there is still a prevalent notion based on statistics that the pregnancy rates for the United States is still substantially higher than any other of our country’s counterparts.
Problem to Solve:
The issue in this article is that there is a need to reduce the risks of adolescents who are vulnerable to negative high risk health outcomes and circumstances. The problem facing Teens is that adolescent pregnancy and childbearing continues to be a major public health issue. Despite overall declines statistics show that nearly one-third of teens become pregnant by the age of twenty years old.
The problem important for health care administrators to study.
This problem is important to study because Teen pregnancy has had a huge impact on U.S taxpayers and is costing the U.S an estimation of at least $28 billion a year. By analyzing data and trends for teen pregnancy and implementing programs, prevention measures, expanding access to family planning services and utilizing teen pregnancy campaigns and awareness are we able to lighten the load of the burden of teen pregnancy (U.S Dept. of Health & Human Services, 2015).
Study Purpose The Researcher’s in this study indicate and see if Teen Pregnancy can be curbed through a program called Prime Time. Prime Time is a clinic-based, youth directed program that utilizes various interventions through case management, peer leadership and by using a…

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