Essay about The Effects Of Stress On Teen Depression

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There is a desperate need for stress management among teens because stress leads to depression, can result in behavior changes, and affects the quality of life.
One effect of stress can cause major depression within teen girls and boys. Teen depression is not just a feeling of sorrow or being upset all the time; it is more than that. Depression within teens causes major downfalls in life which lead to teenage drug and alcohol abuse, violence, pregnancy, and suicide. School is a major cause of teenage depression according to EmaxHealth "This year’s annual survey found that nearly one-third of teens and adolescents consistently reported feeling depressed, sad and overwhelmed due to stress, especially stress from school, which they reported as far greater than what’s healthy"(2). Out of five major stressors for teenagers, school is the number one stressor for teens. Middle and high school years are when teens usually start to feel stressed out and even depressed. Teens feel as if they have to be accepted in school because of their peers, which also has to do a lot with peer pressure. Now in this society, teens have to either dress or look a certain way to be accepted. "You might feel pressure to get good grades, fit in with a group, or make a sports team"(U.S Department of Health 50). Feeling pressured to do anything results in stress. Just the pressure itself is hard to deal with. "My problem right now is that I 'm feeling like I 'm not going to be able to get into a good…

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