The Effects Of Sport On Public Health Essay

1410 Words Oct 24th, 2016 6 Pages
Sport related injuries have consistently been a problem throughout the years. The topic constantly makes headlines, and studies are continuously being performed to help make sports safer for everyone. While proper training and equipment is important in preventing injuries, these factors do not always rule them out. Participation in sports are growing, and we need to do our best to help prevent major problems. ACL injuries, concussions, muscle strains, and rotator cuff tears are some of the most common injuries seen. This has become a growing issue in public health. While we will not be able to get rid of injuries all together: with rest, strength exercise, and proper technique, we can further prevent them and lower our number of accidents. From a study published by the CDC in 2006, we can see that sport participation is on the rise. In the school year of 1971, about four million high school students participated in sports. However, in 2005, that number jumped to just over seven million students. These high schoolers accounted for two million sport related injuries; five hundred thousand doctor visits and thirty thousand hospitalizations. Eighty percent of the reported injuries, were new injuries. While football had the highest injury rate, numbers were closely followed by wrestling and then soccer. There was a small difference in injuries rates between male and female athletes, but not enough of a correlation to prove causation. In a study published later on in 2013 by USA…

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