Essay about The Effects Of Smart Phones On Our Lives

1247 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
Nowadays, within the continuing development of technology, many High-Tech things have been invented and created. The High-tech products make people’s life easier and interesting, we couldn’t image the life without those things. Like the Smart phone, you don’t have to write a letter and sent it to the post office, just by type in the words and click the “send” bottom to the person who you want to be sent to the message. There are a lot of good things that we can talk about the smart-phone has brought to us life situation, but I would like to talk about the side effects that smart-phone has been bringing to us.
A lot of people may not notice that they’re just getting sick of the smart phone, and it could be pass to someone else, like you friend saw you look at the phone and he just fallows at you to play with the phone. Have you ever done these things? When your wake up the first thing is to look at your phone; during work, chat with somebody, or even bath time, regardless of the phone ringing or not, you will occasionally look at it to check is there any message sent to you; Always face to you phone, no matter when you walking, eating or any piecemeal time, etc. If you have done some of those things you may get the mobile phone disease, phubbing or mobile phone overuse, and U.S. is the world greatest phubbing country.
“The word phubbing is actually meticulously fabricated from McCann and Macquarie Australian Dictionary of joint, to describe those who simply looked down at…

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