Negatives Of Smartphones

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In the last ten years, smartphones have become increasingly modern and prevalent in society. Smartphones are generally defined as cellular telephones capable of mirroring the functions of a full sized laptop. They have progressed from an expensive luxury to something many people today could not even live without. As such, many people today have become dependant on their smart device for entertainment, comfort, and social interaction. This dependency is somewhat unnatural and can be damaging to those who abuse modern devices. While there are many benefits and drawbacks to the use of smartphones, both the helpful and harmful aspects of the technology are irrelevant. It is becoming increasingly impossible to survive in the modern world without …show more content…
According to Davey, “The smartphone world is expanding at a rapid rate; as data reveals that out of 5 billion mobile phone users found currently globally, 1.1 billion are smartphone users and majority of them are from the U.S” (Davey 1503). The use of smartphones has become so widespread in the First World, and to a somewhat lesser extent in the rest of the world, that it is now generally considered necessary for daily life. People have adjusted so greatly to their smartphones they have become so dependent on technology that a sudden absence could be likely to cause more psychological damage than the continued, religious use of modern-day smartphones. The question, therefore, is not whether or not the use of Smartphones is generally beneficial or detrimental to the human psyche, but rather a question of how best to limit the undesired consequences they cause. However, rather than damaging society as a whole, smartphones and their inherent technology do their harm to individuals within society itself. Smartphones, like many other mediums of technology, can be helpful or harmful based on the extent to which an individual utilises the technology. Therefore, the impact done to those who use the technology moderately is significantly less than the harm done to those who are unapologetically addicted to their smartphones. The contamination caused by smartphones to individuals within society is only further increased by the fact smartphones are a cornerstone of

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