The Dangers Of Cyberbullying

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What is the thing that most people these days can not go without? The answer is fairly simple, their phone. Cell Phones are the most commonly used modern technological device in the world. It provides us a way to keep in contact with anyone in most locations. But what most of us might not realize is how this device, and many others like it, can affect us and our health negatively.
In the modern day, humans are glued to their cell phones. “Ninety-one percent of American adults and 60 percent of teens own a cell phone. The average person spends 144 minutes a day using his or her phone during a 16-hour period.” (Campana). One of the main reasons for this is because everything revolves around your cell phone. You are able to find out the news,
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One of these issues includes the fact that it is ruining our social skills. The younger grouped age in America, and across the world, Are not skilled in face to face conversations. Most everything we need is on our phones. Now we can even hold relationships through our phones without physical contact or face to face situations. People are able to hide behind their electronic devices and do whatever they want.
This leads to another issue. Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a humongous problem in this day and age. It’s not just young teenagers and kids, but it’s also grown adults contributing to this problem as well. The fact that they have something to hide behind and hide their identity allows these people to think that they can do or say anything they want without consequences because no one can see
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“Every year in the U.S., almost a half million people are injured or killed in traffic accidents attributed to the combination of texting and driving.” (H., Melinda). These accidents are absolutely ridiculous. No one should operate a phone while they are driving and are supposed to be paying attention to the road. Everyone is aware that it is illegal to operate your phone while driving, but again since we are so obsessed and attached to our cell phones a lot of us don’t follow the rules. Those are the people creating these useless accidents and possibly cause deaths do innocent people who did not do anything wrong, but are punished by

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