Do People Become Overly Dependent On Technology?

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People have Become Overly Dependent on Technology
People have become overly dependent on technology. Nowadays the smartphone is a big issue for society. People use technology a lot more than before. The world becomes a small city because of the network. Some people spend a lot of time on smartphones, but do not benefit from it. Smartphone use can build communication with family, teachers, and friends. There are risks associated with dependence on smartphone.
Many things we use in technology have positive and negative aspects. I would like to start by giving some positive feedback from the use of cell phone. “Cell phones are great if the car breaks down, there is a medical emergency or we are running late for an appointment. Many workers need them to communicate with their bosses and co-workers about job detail” (Duane 1). A good thing about the cell phone is that we can be in touch
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It can help the student to learn and have distance education. It becomes easy to study and have time. By the use of cell phone students can work and study abroad.
There are also many negative aspects to having cell phones. They can cause many problems. Women began to use the cell phone for long time at home or work. “The woman used her mobile to text her family members and friends for a continuous stretch of six hours. The next day she got up with severe wrist pain” (Rupavate 1). That can cause a pain for them if they use it for over 6 hours. The women only set and use their hand to write on the cell phone. Because of that many women now have a pain after they use the smartphone.
Also, the cell phone can cause serious disease for society. “Cell phones expose us to a form of electromagnetic radiation called radiofrequency (RF) energy” (Oz). The cell phone can affect our brain by absorption of radiation. All the time we spend using the smartphone, we are hurt ourselves. We put our lives in danger by the wrong use of the

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