Negative Effects Of Cell Phones On Relationships

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Cell phones are becoming an everyday necessity in the lives of almost everyone in the United States. Where ever you go, you will see people talking, texting, on social media, or even playing games on their cell phones. For most people, it seems like they can’t live without them, like the inexistence of cell phones would be the death of them. Some people may even believe in the importance of having a cell phone as a way to identify with yourself, like a part of your sense of style, or your favorite accessory. Cell phones have their great perks, but they also have their downfalls. Focusing more on cell phone technology than reality is becoming a growing problem that is negatively affecting communication skills, education, and relationships. …show more content…
These days, couples in relationships spend more time on their phones than talking to their partners. There is no such thing as quality time alone with your partner, for most people, because there is a cell phone involved in the mixture. Playing on your phone instead of listening to your partner talk, and not getting that quality conversation to build the relationship on. Cell phones also distract from important events that may happen. For example, they may miss out on an important moment in them and their partners' life. So they wouldn’t be able to share such a huge moment because they weren’t mentally present for the situation because their head is sucked into their cell phone. According to the New York Times, In a 2016 study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 70 percent of women revealed that smartphones were negatively affecting their primary relationship. More than one-third of the 143 women in the study said their partner responded to notifications mid-conversation; one out of four said their partner texted during conversations (Alderman, 2017).” These facts explain how much cell phones are affecting relationships. It can be known that when over 70 percent of women believe their relationship is negatively being affected by one thing in particular, that it is a major issue. Another reason cell phones are affecting relationships negatively is that social media leaves people expecting “more” out of their relationships. They see all these posts on social media about how “perfect” someone else’s relationship or boyfriend/girlfriend are and that leaves them thinking theirs should be exactly the same. They don’t realize that not all relationships are the same, and most of them put on social media looking perfect really aren’t and they can be put on for a

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