Essay about The Effects Of Sleeping Patterns On College Students

1985 Words Jul 19th, 2015 null Page
The Harmful Effects of Sleeping Patterns in College Students Sleep - one of the most underrated necessities in college. In today’s day and age, college students don’t take sleeping seriously. They don’t understand the effects of irregular sleeping patterns and what they can do to you in the short and long run. So I ask you, are the sleeping patterns of college students affecting them? Yes, college student’s sleep patterns are negatively affecting them in many areas of their lifestyle. There is a standard amount of sleep one college student should have during the night, and most of them don’t achieve this due to many factors related to the college lifestyle. Due to irregular sleep patterns, negative changes occur in college student’s grades and academic ability. College students may also experience changes in their eating behaviors that may contribute to unhealthiness and/or becoming overweight. These abnormal sleeping patterns in college students causes many unhealthy disorders and behaviors that may stay with them for their entire life. On the other hand though, many people believe that sleeping patterns may not be the only reason why all of these negative effects are occurring to college students. They believe that college students are unaware of what sleeping patterns are doing to them and they don’t affect students anyways. I believe that sleeping patterns will ultimately affect college students in a negative way. All students should be knowledgeable about how a…

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