The Effects Of Propaganda On The Cold War Essay

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During the 1940s and 1950s the threat of communism within the Hollywood film and entertainment industry was greatly overstated. During the time that the House Un-American Activities Committee was active the U.S population was in the midst of a intense anti-communism movement in response to the Cold War. The HUAC with the support of public opinion was able to question almost any individual without negative backlash. This wild questioning of anyone when linked with the close connections between Federal Beau of Investigation and HUAC created what is historically viewed as a ‘witch hunt’ against communists. However, despite the fact that this threat of communist subversion was much overstated there is still some evidence of underhand activities, especially the use of celebrities names in communist newspapers & communist events in an attempt to win over the public opinion of communism. This points towards an attempt by communist elements to turn Hollywood into a platform for the promotion of Communist ideology. While this is not a particularly great threat against the US Government the effectiveness of propaganda had just been demonstrated in WWII.

The close working relationship between the FBI and the HUAC is one of the main driving forces, behind the investigation into Hollywood. The Committee’s relations with the FBI had for the most part been nonexistent until the end of WWII. It was the 1947 announcement by the HUAC of its intentions to investigate communism in Hollywood…

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