The Effects Of Playing Sports On Children Essay

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Child’s Play: The Impact of Youth Sports ESPN survey asked about the positive effects of playing sports has on children and the results were staggering, “physical health 88%, giving children something to do 83%, teaching discipline and dedication 81%, teaching how to get along with others 78%”. (“Bruce Kelly”) These are mind blowing percentages that show that sports are helping kids in so many categories. Based on these numbers, the message is obviously getting across, that organized sports are keeping kids out of trouble and teaching everyday lessons. Therefore, teenagers and adults that participate in organized youth sports as children benefit from them because it encourages a healthy lifestyle, better communication skills, and future occupational skills. Media always talks about ways to be in shape, but they do not talk about all the ways to stay fit. There many strategies on staying fit. Many surveys on the internet demonstrate and explain different beneficial strategies on staying healthy in the future. But why wait for the future? Start when children are young by enrolling them in youth sports. According to Education and child and Youth Development, “physical education and sport also build health activity habits that encourage life-long participation in physical activity.” (“Healthy”) The importance of this is that it is crucial to stay healthy in a world filled with obesity. Being healthy on an everyday basis can change many lives. “Over the past quarter…

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