Academic Argument: Hoop Dreams

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Academic Argument
To be considered a top recruit you don’t even have to display your intelligence all you need to display is the athletic ability that you have obtained. The film “Hoop Dreams” shows the two main characters being pursued by college coaches because of what they could potentially bring to the team not what they can bring to the school. The only time education was important to Arthur and William was when their high school coach or counselor informed them that they had to reach a set score to be able to be recruited and attend the high-powered school. School was never the focus of the film because it only showed them in school for approximately two minutes it primarily took place at their homes or on the court during a game. The
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No matter how long it may take you to achieve the goal of graduating and getting your degree you should be excited that you stuck through hard times to accomplish the goal. The reason for me stating that is because in sports some students do not see the value in doing both which is going to school and trying to get better at what they love to do. They think that school shouldn’t be needed if they are that good talent wise, but I think otherwise but something of that field can be taken away from you easily because of an injury or things of that nature. So, an education to student athletes is needed no matter how good you think you are because it can be your fall back plan if things do not go your way in sports. The film “Hoop Dreams” helps explains this because William was very injury prone at the end of his high school career which followed him into college, because he was so likely to get injured he knew that his career in basketball wouldn’t last but since he also received help from teacher at his high school he was more than likely to do good in college in which he did to be able to fall back on his mind to land him another job instead of just focusing on basketball to be his only job in life. This paper will be arguing the side of getting an education other than just playing sports with no

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