The Effects Of Physical Inactivity On People Essay example

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Physical Inactivity Effects Have you ever think about what causes a sedentary lifestyle? A sedentary lifestyle is caused because people are too lazy and they ignore the effects it has on their life especially on their body. Physical inactivity had caused a several variety of effects in the population worldwide. Some of the effects have a little impact on people, but others have a really extreme effect such as death. I have no doubt that people that don’t practice exercise and don’t have a good nutrition have a higher risk of numerous diseases, they can have mental health disorders, and they decrease the chances of living longer. In effect that people don’t do exercise, they increase the possibilities to develop some diseases like heart attacks, obesity, and diabetes. Most of the hearts attacks occur when the arteries to the heart are blocked and blood cannot flow appropriately to the heart. It happens to the consequences of don’t do exercise for a long period so it affects the circulation and it makes blood clots. Obesity happens when people take more calories than they need. Also because people spend most of the time seated in front a television or a computer, so people who are inactive tend to gain weight because they don’t burn the calories they take every day when they eat or drink. Diabetes can occurs when people don’t do exercise because when they don’t have a physical activity they can’t control the glucose levels so the insulin sensitivity decrease and the cells…

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