The Effects Of Physical Education On Schools Essay

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Physical Education
When it comes to our daily schedule, most people are not concerned if their workout is missed. That is because exercise is not a top priority to people today. This especially in schools. The majority of schools today do not worry whether or not gym is running smoothly. Most kids spend their time on the sides watching the athletic teams run around and verse one another all class. If that is ok with the school board, then what is the point of actually having a class. Physical education courses have an immense amount of potential for health and wellness, if only schools were curious as to what that could hold for students. Overall, schools that promote exercise could see an increase of confidence, stress relief, and health in its students. To begin, exercise should be taken seriously in schools because it creates a new-found confidence in students. Most children starting a new school or grade are very nervous, for example, when I switched schools I was beyond frightened of the new people I would have to interact with and eventually befriend. All that and I was in my sophomore year of high school! Imagine the worries of a young elementary school student. The fact that gym classes are spent sitting in rows doing nothing productive makes the situation worse for these shy students. When I decided to make running an almost daily habit during my high school gym class I was more sure of myself with the new-found strength I was creating for me. This…

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