Essay The Effects Of Parental Obesity On Children

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While reading Factors Associated With Obesity in Latino Children; A Review of the Literature I gained a much deeper understanding about what factors have greater of lesser impact in Latino children. When you first think of childhood obesity you immediately think of the basic reasons for it, “oh the parents just don’t give then the correct food” or “the school doesn’t provide proper nutrition to our children”. While those are valid points in some cases that is merely addressing the surface of the problem. To really get a deeper understanding this article covers Obesity on all levels and has really brought some interesting points to my attention. For starters the added amount of health risks associated with obesity is far higher than I ever expected, From Type 2 diabetes to cardiovascular disease and hypertension to name a few this health risk has become a nationwide priority. Another mind blowing statistic shows that parental obesity is one of the strongest correlates of childhood obesity, almost 80% of children in families with two obese parents will develop obesity. This statistic just reaffirms the fact that parents make all the difference. What we need to do is focus on changing people perception of health and get them on the track to a better life not only for themselves but also for the sake of their children and all other future generations.

What Needs to Be Done With the problem of Obesity in this country it is time for action. Although steps have started to be…

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