The Effects Of Parental Involvement On Children 's Academic Performance

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Research Questions:
This study is designed to answer the following research questions:
What types of involvement parents have?
How do different levels of parental involvement influence children’s academic performance?
Participants in this study would be eighty (80) children from the sixth grade at Elly Elementary School in the city of Goleta, CA. Among the participants, five of them would be Asians; forty of them would be Hispanics; four of them would be African-Americans; thirty-one of them would be White students. Female participants would be forty-one; male participants would be thirty-nine. In Ellwood Elementary School, 53.5 % of students are socioeconomically disadvantaged in the school year 2015-16, according to California Department of Education School Accountability Report Card.
(1) Parental Involvement
To measure parental involvement in schooling, this study will access The Parent and Family Involvement in Education (PFI) Survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (Bieschke, 2013) combined with the parent version of the Parent-Teacher Involvement Questionnaire (PTIQ; Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group [CPPRG], 1991). The measure will be a thirty-item scale with a 5-point scale answer format to assesses the activities parents have towards their child’s education, teacher, and school. Examples of these items include “Mark three school (home) activities you frequently participate,” “How often you help you…

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