Essay on The Effects Of Obamacare On Businesses Of Any Kind

759 Words Aug 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Finding actual information pertaining to the effects Obamacare has on businesses of any kind

wasn’t easy, and when you did find something it feels as though you need a PhD to figure out what is

being said about it other than people complaining that it’s killing small businesses. As I was reading

through page after page about it I was shocked to read what some actual business owners have to say

about it. Does Obama care really effect people it is said to not even pertain to? That is the question I

kept asking myself and in this paper I’m going to try to answer that question.

According to the, “5.8 million firms in the United States have fewer than

50 employees and will not be penalized for choosing not to provide health coverage to their

employees”. Likewise, this source states that “96% of those firms already cover full time workers.” Now

entering the renewal season for their group health insurance plans for 2015, these business owners are

being blindsided with large renewal rate increases. That’s nearly 5.6 million small business owners in the

United States who are experiencing an increase in costs. When I read the statement I quoted above I

couldn’t help but feel as though that seems like a punishment or at very least an undue hardship for

these small business owners that may not be able to afford these increased rates but still want to

provide healthcare for their employees. “Small employer groups with less than 50 full-time…

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