The Effects Of Mental State On Pain Essay example

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When distracted by pain, the last thing considered is how well the mind is feeling, but that may be more important than what scientists originally thought. Mental state has been found to affect humans, as a species, significantly more than what the average person may realize. It can affect how a person feels physically as well as emotionally. In recent studies it has been found that the psychological state affects pain specifically. It can even affect how a person will recovery from major and minor surgery. Physical therapy has helped relieve pain for years, but let’s not forget the affects the patient’s psychological state has on their pain recovery. Before being able to determine how the mental state affects pain, there needs to be a set definition of what pain actually is. According to researcher and author C. Eccleston, “Pain is the most common reason for patients to enter health‐care settings and the most common reason given for self‐medication. Pain interrupts all other activity and arrests current behaviour.” (Eccleston). With the definition determined, it is possible to to measure what affects the mind had on it. In general, researchers have gone from one extreme to another. At the start it was believed that the mind and the imagination created a false pain or injury, or it just made the pain worse (Psychological). Now professionals say it 's the exact opposite. Now the mind can help heal a range of things from chronic pain to pain as a result from surgery. Pain…

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