The Effects Of Media On Young Children Essay

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For many years, there has been controversy over whether or not allowing young children to view media can be harmful. While media can be useful for educational purposes, it is no secret that children are exceptionally impressionable, and with the ever-growing prevalence of adult themes, such as violence, sexual promiscuity, and substance abuse in all types of media, more studies are being done on how viewing media affects the developing minds of children. Current psychological research suggests that viewing media has overall negative effects on the behavioral development of young children.
The aspect of media that raises the most concern, and has inspired the most research, is violence. Researchers, and others who are involved in the lives of children, believe that violent video games, movies, and television shows have the largest effect on aggressive behavior (Bushman, Gollwitzer, Cruz 202). In the article "Media Exposure, Aggression And Prosocial Behavior During Early Childhood: A Longitudinal Study," it is stated that fourteen acts of violence are displayed per hour in children 's media (Ostrov, Gentile, Crick 613). This adds up to an average of ten thousand violent acts displayed in media and viewed by young people per year (Agarwal, Dhanasekaran 39). The main concern that this raises is that it will increase the probability of children engaging in physically aggressive behavior. This is a valid concern. Several studies, including the National Television Violence…

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