The Effects Of Media On Children 's Mind Essay examples

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Media Changes Children’s Mind What are the negative effects of media exposure? As responsible adults, are parents and teachers giving a good example to the children? Do they simply give children a tablet to be entertain in a children 's video or games so parents can do other important personal task such as work related projects which needs to be done in a couple of days? Do parents even care that our society is immerse in the bottom of the sea that people called media exposure such as Facebook, Instagram, and other fashionable social media application. The media has many negative effects on people especially in the younger kids, teenagers, and adults. Today, people live in a society where technology is accessible to everyone especially in the United States. Parents buy their kids Ipads, phones, and other electronics accessories which has the internet that contains Internet Explorer or Google. Recently, social media entertains children and teenagers specifically Facebook without supervision from parents. It is harder to cope in this problem due to parents not worrying their child’s situation. In this essay, articles used are from scholarly journal articles in Media Exposure and Marijuana and Alcohol Use Among Adolescents, Media Violence
Associations with the Form and Function of Aggression among Elementary School Children, Reactions to Media Violence It’s in the Brain of the Beholder, An Evil Monster And A Poor Thing Female Violence In the Media, The Influence Of Violent…

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