Are Criminals Rational Or Serial Killers

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Are the criminals rational decision makers, or are they motivated by uncontrollable psychological and emotional drives?
It depends on the person and the crime as well. Most of the crimes seem to be motivated by uncontrollable psychological and emotional drives, but if we analyzed deeply we may find out that that they are rational. For example serial killers it looks they are drive by emotions, but if we look the victims we will found that the victims are very similar. They are not random; they are very carefully selected by different reasons like their look or their activity. Most of the times the victims are defenseless or high risk like prostitutes, homeless, elderly or children. One of the most vicious serial killers Gary Ridgway known
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Especially the past 10-20 years the TV has been used for educational purposes a lot, there are a thousand programs created just for children. I don’t agree with the statement “kids who watch a lot of TV in adolescence is more likely to behave aggressively in adulthood”. The shows like “Wild Crafts”, “Dora the Explorer”, ” My Little Pony Friendship” and “Sesame Street” do not provoked violence or criminal behavior. Programs like that are helpful for child development, they open the imagination and the children learn things like friendship and team work. So is not the problem in watching TV, the problem is what exactly the children watch, which is up to their parents to control. Of course if the child is watching how people kill or rape other people, or steal and use profane language they will be most likely to become violent in adulthood. The children duplicate adult’s behavior for an example if in the family the parents are engaged in criminal behavior most likely the children will be engaged in the same behavior when they grow up. So yes, there is relationship between violence in adulthood and watching TV, but not any TV: age unappropriated TV. The same association can be made with the video games. There are a lot of educational games which are very helpful for the parents and teachers. But there are also a lot of very violent games which can be very harmful for developing character on the young child. Games like …show more content…
He is supporting the biosocial theory which believes that the violent crimes like rape, murder, and assault, are committed by poor and minority-group members. These people, as stated by this theory, are somehow biologically different and substandard. Some biosocial theorists believe also that biochemical conditions like poor diet and nutritional deficiencies can influence violent behavior. Sociobiological scholars have also found a connection between exposures to dangerous contaminants and violent behavior. So in the lower –class and poor areas is most likely to have deficit on nutritious and explosion to dangerous contaminates. Other studies support a genetic explanation for violence in lower-class areas. For an example if the parents have a criminal behavior there is a bigger chance the child to become criminal. Another factor for high levels of violent behavior in the lower-class areas is the poverty. Poverty leads to social disorganization, lack of education and adults passing their immoral behavior to the young generation creating stable lower –class criminal culture. So biological theories simple believes that some people are simply born with a predisposition to crime just as some people are born timid, and others are born extraverts’ .Violence is more prevalent in lower-class areas, because poor social conditions make it more likely that genetic predispositions towards crime will

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