Nature Vs. Nurture: Are Criminals Born Or Made?

Nature vs Nurture

Are criminals born or made? Are the way that someone is brought up the way they are supposed to be? Are people who have distinct genetics the ones that are definite criminals? Nature vs Nurture is a debate that has been going on for many years, The question is is a person genetically made up to be bad or is it the environment that they are exposed to the thing that change them. In this essay i will discuss If the person is genetically made up to be a criminal. If someone is brought up to be a criminal or if the to


Is a person genetically made up to be a criminal?

The warrior gene also known as “MAOA” is a gene that has been researched by the Brown University in 2009, This research has been said to be in 30 percent
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Another more in depth research that had been done by Dr. Adrian Raine that had been studying at the University of Pennsylvania. His studies had been done from the late 1980s, Raine had been analyzing the brains of convicted killers and murders that were psychopaths and the signs that they show, Raine had conducted a PET scan on 41 convicted killers and also done the scan on a group of normal people. The results of the test showed that the area of the brain that controlled impulses had been significantly different between the two groups.Also in later research Raine had discovered that the part of a criminal’s brain that controls emotion was usually overactive. This meant that these criminals were likely to be more emotional than the group of normal people. Another test was conducted later on looking at the brains of psychopaths. These psychopaths were said to have a lack of empathy and also that was said to lead to violent crimes. Studies at King 's College London Institute of Psychiatry also stated that the brains of a …show more content…
The study of criminology is the study of the people that commit crimes. An interview that was conducted by the AcademiaNet interviewed Professor Susanne Karstedt who studies how people 's values and the moral decisions they make will and may make them decide to be violent and commit crimes. She is a professor for criminology and criminal justice at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom.One of her research areas is middle class and the study of “normal people” that commit crimes. A study she had done while studying criminology at Keele University found that middle class people commit numerous crimes, from tax evasion to scamming people on eBay and in car boot sales. She discovered that criminal behaviour are not just a reaction to some kind of environmental pressure.She looks the values that people have and how these influence their decisions. Some middle class peoplecommit numerous crimes, and they have a lot of ways of justifying such behaviour and concealing it with their own moral values. Criminologists call this "techniques of neutralisation". people justify an act of deviancy that they would otherwise feel wrong and very bad. Another way a criminal can mentally commit a crime is called the “pleasure principle” humans have basic unconscious biological urges and a desire for gratification and satisfaction. This includes desires for food, sex, and survival. If these could not be acquired legally,

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