Serial Killers In America

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According to the American Heritage dictionary a serial killer is " A person who attacks and kills victims one by one in a series of incidents." Often, people don't take a deep look into what a serial killer is or does, and why America is struggling with so many of these offenders. If people looked at types of serial killers, their motives and their victims everyone could create shared meaning of the exact definition of a serial killer.

The FBI's "Crime Classification Manual" breaks serial killers into two groups. The first one is "organized." An organized/ nonsocial serial killers usually of very high intelligence. These killers usually pre-meditate their crimes for a long time. They also abduct their victims by playing the victim
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Visionary, mission-orientated, hedonistic and power/control. Visionary serial killers deal with a false perception with reality. They often think they are killing for someone else, such as a god, or even a devil. And those are broken up into "demon mandated" and "god mandated" Second, missionary killers justify their kills by trying to make the world a better place by totally taking out a certain group of people. Such as homosexuals, prostitutes or African Americans. Famous serial killer "The Unibomber" was drove by the motive of missionary, he targeted airline industries. Hedonistic killers kill mainly for the kill of killing. Al lot of killers fall under this category. But there a lot of sub reasons of why some serial killers fall under this reason. One is lust, this is the number one main reason why serial killers kill. Then there is thrill, which is mainly so the serial killer can watch suffer. The last motive is power and control. These killers just want power and control over their victims, for their victim's life to be in their …show more content…
Which is probably the least helpful thing to help find a serial killer. However, there are few links from a victim to a serial killer. Considering, most serial killers don't kill within family members and friends, there can't be much reasons why serial killers choose the victims they kill. One can generally assume that serial killers kill for sex and sexual fantasies, which is true. They can also assume that most of the victims are white, young females. Other than this few generalizations, there is no strong link from a serial killers and their

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