Invitation To Life Span Berger's Study

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Media, television in particular, has been at the forefront of many children’s daily activities for years now. In our study book Invitation to The Life Span Berger (2010) states “One of today’s great challenges is the influence of electronic media” (p.220). The challenge this statement speaks on includes how long a child watches television and the type of program the child is viewing. Berger (2010) continues “The problem is not only that violent media teach aggression, but also that even nonviolent media take time from constructive interaction and creative play” (p.220). Given this knowledge, it is important that what parents choose to let their children watch at an early age is age appropriate, assists in development, and is rich in education. …show more content…
The skit on bath time was a direct address to meeting physical development and self-care. Throughout the program there were flashing countdowns of numbers along with games, poems and stories that included use of the letters. Through these models not only fast-mapping and developing grammar were encouraged but also both cognitive and intellectual developmental needs were being met. Also, Early on in the program an elder neighbor, Gordon, takes a younger new neighbor, Sally, on a tour around Sesame Street. Throughout the episode Sally has the opportunity to meet and greet several puppet and human characters. In one portion Sally meets a puppet character by the name of Oscar the Grouch. Oscar, who is introduced as a grumpy grouch who lives in a trash can, is initially mean and bothered by the banging to summon his presence. Gordon gently explains to Sally that Oscar may be grumpy but also knows how to be nice. After summoning a second time Oscar shows how to be social even when in a bad mood. During a time of brain maturation, learning emotional regulation and socialization young children can experience developmental benefits both psychosocially and emotionally through these types of

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