The Effects Of Media On African Americans Essay

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Betrayal or Portrayal; Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Take a minute, look around the room. Is there anyone in the room of a different ethnicity? Anyone in the room a different race? As you look around the room do you feel safe? Have you watched any type of media lately? Chances are most people would feel safe in a classroom with different ethnicities or race. However, some would not. Thanks to the impact media has in today’s society, more and more people have become more afraid of African American males. Media has a funny way of negatively changing the views of African Americans in our society. In any type of media the African Americans are the ones being publicised more frequently for violence. Media has an impact on the way people portray African Americans, as dangerous. Although Media plays a dramatic role in the view of African American’s in society, it is not media that has taught us to be afraid. Society in itself brings us that lesson. There have been so many different, reasons for the way “racism” has come about in our country. Racism as a hole has been around for centuries but not since the beginning of time. It was not until the slave trade were racism towards African American’s become an issue. Every since the 1619 in Jamestown virgin Americas was introduced into the problem of slavery.(3) Many people believe that slavery was the beginning racism in our country. The slave trade brought a new economic growth for the country. Americans have been motivated and…

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