The Effects Of Junk Food Advertising On Children And Children

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Junk food advertising is one of the main reason there is so much obesity today in young adults and children. Junk food is heavily processed and is being made with cheaper ingredients in order for the companies to make more profits. The companies are targeting young adults and children because they know that they will get addicted to these ingredients and additives and always want and crave their product, in return, creating years and years of revenue and profits.
Companies are advertising towards children and are making it look normal for kids to eat their junk food. In the article, (Johnston 1)it says, "the CDC has reported that childhood obesity rates have plateaued overall and fallen slightly in many years." Companies are purposely targeting children and young adults knowing that there is a obesity problem." The average child in the U.S. views 13 food ads on television each day, and food advertising represents approximately 30% of all paid television viewed by children." This is a significant piece of evidence how companies are taking advantage of children by knowing what stations to have their ads show up on. When the companies do this they are influencing the children to want to eat more junk food and do what wont necessarily benefit their own health in the future.
What are companies doing to improve their advertisement? Some companies are changing their recipes to have more whole grain and to cut out sugars making their product somewhat more healthy.…

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