The Effects Of Intuitive Modern Medias Essay

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The Effects of Intuitive Modern Medias Malcolm Gladwell’s essay called ‘Tipping Points’ identifies and explains his beliefs as to why changes in social behavers and trends happens quickly and sometimes unexpectedly (Gladwell). Gladwell likens these changes to outbreaks of infectious disease and epidemics. He demonstrates how word-of-mouth passing of information is just as effective as a news story. Drawing on historical figures such as Paul Revere and his midnight ride to inform colonial Americans that the British forces were arriving to support his thesis. Gladwell’s interpretations of how trends and information is distributed is classified as social Tipping Points. If one understands these Tipping Points, lends itself to a greater understanding of how the world works. Gladwell challenges all to create or start positive Tipping Points to influence others in a socially moving way. This is exactly what the modern media is producing today. Recent times have shown how the population is influenced by the stories presented in the form of 24 hour news broadcasts and social media barrages. Aside from how these can affect personnel opinions and perceptions, it has been documented how they skew the popular belief (Gunther). Data gathered under the authors referenced shows how two separate groups of people can have their opinions changed and or nearly radicalized one way or the other. This was accomplished by merely presenting both groups with information that was modeled to support…

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