The Effects Of International Trade On Public Health Essay

737 Words Mar 24th, 2016 3 Pages
Although movement of people, food and manufactured goods can have such a negative impact on public health, steps should not be taken to reduce this flows, instead preventive measures should take place. Justifying the above statement, people and countries benefit from these flows. International trade is achieved through these movements, exporters benefit and importers benefit. Poor countries that depend solely on subsistence farming benefit from the exports of foods that they cultivate, wealthier countries in the temperate regions receive fresh food products that is not readily available in some season s of the year. People travel thus boosting economies of touristic countries, especially the developing countries that have are rich in touristic sites. There lots of goods of globalization that are visible from this mobility. However exportation and importation of some manufactured goods for example tobacco and alcohol raise concerns on public health worldwide. This companies have taken a great step in warning consumers on the harm these commodities can do if taken in excess. This could be termed as a preventive measure, though not effective.

Adequate research and prevention measures are certainly the best option for ensuring that the spread of these diseases is minimized or maybe even completely eradicated. Enough research should be able to determine ways in which certain diseases transmitted through flow of goods and people can be prevented. Research will also enable the…

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