The Effects Of Healthy Life

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“A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.” said Interviewee Francis Bacon. Healthy lifestyles are not just exercise, it actually involves healthy foods such as grain and meat. Many other factors attribute to having a healthy lifestyle and this can lead to treating depression. There is a problem with the people’s health and this is because many men and women disregard the idea of exercising because it either wastes their time or the person just does not have enough time to go on a simple jog. This is an issue because their neglect of caring for their bodies can increase their chance of getting a disease. People should try and create a schedule to at least get 150 minutes of exercise per week.
Interviewee Lavinia
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This has been tested with many men and women and the results were put into the website named Many people were tested to see if any of them were better than how they were a year ago. The scientists made the patients change lifestyles and made them eat healthy and exercise. All the subjects had an illness caused by depression, and the scientists were surprised that the illnesses were almost gone but not completely. This shows that depression caused illnesses can be treated by having a healthy …show more content…
Researchers have shown that eating fish can lead to depression because it releases 3 fatty acids that can affect the brain. It says that not all fish re like this but men and women should stay away fish that are near a city that has many factories located in it (25 Ways). The researchers posted the findings on the website named so people can learn this and stay away from fishing in waters that are located in or near a major city. According to, people should eat from the main food groups such as grain, protein, milk and dairy products, fruit and vegetables, and the last group is fats and sugars. The fats and sugars shouldn’t be eaten frequently during the day (Healthy Eating). Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just exercise it’s a person’s diet, and the people from have told people that this can affect their depression and makes them feel energetic and see the world in a different view. People who eat healthy do not usually get diseases and many of them always pass their health inspections on their bodies. There are more studies that occurred and the scientists have shown that many of their subjects have gotten better. One group didn’t change their diets while the other did and the researchers have looked at them once again right after 2 months. The researchers have

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