Media Analysis: Social Determinant Of Depression In Australia

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This media analysis will look at an article from ‘The Age’ that was released in 2016. It will discuss the contents of that article then discuss the health issue at hand, whilst incorporating the determinants of health and explain the foundation of this health issue as well as drawing upon reliable evidence to support this. The article being analysed is “Once-popular party drug ketamine now used to treat severe depression” 3rd February 2016 in ‘The Age’ Melbourne Newspaper. This article discusses the mental health issue of depression, and how it has recently been discovered that ketamine can be used to help treat the symptoms of depression.

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are defined as, according to Keleher and MacDougall (2016,
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This is a social determinant of health as it is very important to have accessible and affordable health services near you in order to maintain a healthy wellbeing. Services such as counselors and psychiatrists are key in the prevention and treatment of depression. If someone has an issue that could lead them to depression, they need to be able to go to a counselor in help prevent the depression, or else a serious mental health disease could form. Christian E. Gould (2015) conducted an experiment to see whether treatment would help veterans with their depression and anxiety issues. In this experiment it was proven that participants who had post-treatment demonstrated more positive behavior and remission of depression and anxiety symptoms. Access to services is not only referring to counselling, it also refers to access to proper medication to assist in the treatment of depression. Certain drugs, such as ketamine, such as antidepressants can be essential in the prevention of curing of depression and other similar mental health diseases. Quian, JingJing, Bruce and Stewart say that “…patients who report poor quality of life are more likely to be depressed, feel unsupported by clinic staff, and be poorly adherent to treatment.” (2014). So not only is it important for those suffering from depression need to be able to access proper services, it’s just as important for them to feel comfortable with those services in order to get the proper treatment

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