The Effects Of Gun Control On A University Campus Outweigh The Negatives

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Firearms from handguns to shotguns to rifles are usually a topic you hear about on the news. It is always somehow a debate about the safety of guns. Guns kill people or guns are a basic citizens right. The Second Amendment is a part of the constitution and nobody can take that from us says the right. Some believe that the right to bear arms is outdated and needs changed, while others are so set on the Second Amendment it’s almost as if it is their religion. Some take the right to bear arms further and have concealed carry weapons permits. People who want to defend themselves adequately have CCW permits because nothing stops a bad guy with a gun, than a good guy with a gun. Having a CCW permit allows you to respond to an emergency faster than police would in the event that their presence would be needed. The general effect of allowing students to carry on a university campus outweigh the negatives. Gun-Free Zones are useless. University campus shootings happen all too often, and a major issue with how police handle mass shootings is that the response time to get to the location is slow. Any sort of decent shooter can easily take multiple shots before a police presence is ever a concern to them. Having a concealed carry weapons permit should be allowed on all university campuses because it will allow students to defend themselves against perpetrators. A concealed carry weapons license in Ohio is a difficult license to obtain. Some people think that just anyone over 21…

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