The Effects Of Gun Control And Gender Essay

784 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
This research is going to be explanation because there is so much out there about gun control and gender. Not only has there been pat studies conducted on gun control, but there still is a very divided nation on who support or does not support gun control. But, as civilization moves into the 22nd century new research needs to form to a better understanding this generation ideas on how gender affects gun control. With increase violence in America in mass shootings in schools, movie theaters and on our bases, it will be this generation who figures out how to move forward in what laws are passed and made in the future. Another topic, which needs to be addressed is the impact validity, will have on the research I will be conducting in the next few months. Validity will have an impact on the direction of my research because of how controversial this issue has become in the past few years. One of the major validity is the impact which family will have on the people who will be answering my questions within my. Family imprints upon each other’s and tend to share the same beliefs. For example, my family is very much pro guns and will never give up their guns. However, one of my best friends family do not support the rights to bare arms and she is very much against pro guns movements. Another impact which validity will have on my research is how past events which the media has picked upon is going to effect how people will answer the surveys I will send out. There has been more…

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