Case Analysis Of Hilary Clinton

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Background of Candidate: Hilary Clinton- Hilary is an American politician and delegated nominee for the Democratic Party running for the presidential elect in the 2016 presidential election, she has served as important role as the united state secretary of states and has been representing New York since 2001 to 2009, Hilary Clinton was born in Chicago, in a town called park ridge, Illinois, she attended college in a university called Wellesley college, she graduated in 1969 and earned a J.D from Yale laws school after serving as a congressional legal course, later marrying bill Clinton in 1975. She was appointed the first female of the legal services cooperation in1978, and later became the first woman at rose law firm. She was the first …show more content…
Trump was born in Manhattan, New York city; he has two younger siblings, ivanka and Eric. Trump was educated in the Hills School, a university boarding school in Pottstown Pennsylvania, the he attended the university of Pennsylvania Wharton school, where he gained his B.S degree in Economics, Trump married Vanessa Haydon on November 12, 2005, trump also has five children, trump isn’t a supporter of immigrants and illegal people in the united states and his plan his to rid them all.

Vice presidential selection: Strengths-Hilary Clinton
1. She has a lot of money and she has the power and influence to raise even more, purposefully indulging the money she makes into charitable events and developments.
2. The press doesn’t often give her challenging and hard questions to answer making it hard for her to be accused or falsely challenged on an accusation.
3. She is a female and sexism might play a little part in her winning this presidential election because she has an audience which she feels she’s comfortable and more open to and the audience as well loves her and are acceptable of her.
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She has a long and maybe inextinguishable trail of untrustworthiness and corruption in her history and public life ex. deleting illegal managed emails, unidentified and illegal false fundraising activities and funds and one of the famous ones, the Benghazi lies.
2. Despite being a first lady, a US senator and a Sectary of state, she can’t single handedly point to one substantial and benefit able policy accomplishment meaning she has had few accomplishments in even the bases of her life then what major role can she play in being the United States president.

Strengths- Donald Trump jr
1. One of Trumps strengths is his ability to appeal and entertain the media in a distinct and well diverse way, he can create a window of opportunity to exploit and create a show for an audience, from a way to answering to the way he dresses and his sense of humor.
2. Another or Trumps strength is his ability to be transparent and directs, when other candidates try to boomerang and turn a question away trump, when he answers, He answers in a realistic way meaning he doesn’t care what and how he speaks and he comes out sounding, he only cares about the fact that he addressed what he had to and said what he felt should be an action toward that specific argument.

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