The Effects Of Emotional Messages On Children 's Lives Essay

1076 Words Nov 4th, 2014 5 Pages
Emotional messages are used every single day in everyone’s lives. They are a huge part of having a normal relationship. Three Major obstacles in emotional messages are societal and cultural customs, fear, and inadequate interpersonal skills. Societal and emotional customs are one thing that can get in the way of people expressing their emotional messages. In the United States, people are usually taught not to show their emotions to others, especially men. This is called the, “Cowboy Syndrome.” When men show the Cowboy Syndrome they do not show expressions to any feeling, regardless of what it may be. The man is supposed to be, “strong but silent.” For example, he would never show any kind of soft emotion, be scared, or feel sorry for himself. According to DeVito, the reason men do this is to separate themselves from feminism (DeVito 182-183). Unfortunately, this can cause relationship problems for these men because it makes it hard for them to express their feelings in an honest and open manner, which is very important between a man and his wife, or a man and his child. Women are not exempt from this “Cowboy Syndrome” especially women that are employed in management or executive positions. They are surrounded by men all day long at work, to they are most likely being compared to them all day long too. Sometimes, the women might even have to work harder to show that they are equally needed in the business that they are working. For them to show emotions would be kind of…

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