Technology In Education

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Many university students use electronic devices during class time, some of which can be a distraction to their academic learning. he use of electronic devices in the classroom have increases over the past several years due to the electronic revolution. There are consequences involved with the increase in technology and the use of technological devices in classrooms. Some of the consequences related to this issue are dependance on the device, becoming a distraction to the user as well as those around the user, student laziness and becoming a source of interpersonal miscommunication.

The Internet has steadily become the main resource for humans in the past three decades. In 1982, Joe Roebuck, Apple 's director of sales development, told Oppenheimer
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If a student has to write a report for a class, they will most likely Google search their topic and use sources such as Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia to attain the information needed. Even though the information found on these sites may be legitimate, anyone can type in the information that is shown, meaning these sources are not credible. Students have become negligent and irresponsible with how they conduct their research because of the Internet. Students should be going to the library and citing credible sources such as doctors and professors instead of using the first link on Google. Libraries are also at fault, not just the Internet, for this laziness. Libraries need to become an inviting and thought-provoking location for students of all ages so that it can become an enjoyable place to go to. Snavely (2012) explains how innovation and creativity are key aspects to ensuring that libraries are engaging students and being used regularly [student engagement pg. …show more content…
These people don 't concern themselves with finding solutions for such distractions because there are no permanent solutions. Technology will always be prominent in the lives of humans, and will be used even more so in the future than it has ever been used. Schmidt and Cohen (2013) emphasize how the future of technology will be more involved in the lives of human beings than it is now due to the benefits that technology can provide [new digital age pg. 254].

In conclusion, may students use electronic devices classrooms. The use of the Internet on these devices can be both beneficial as well as a distraction to multiple students. Both the students and professors must work together in order for a stimulating class environment and individual focus and comprehension to be maintained throughout the course of the class. It may be difficult, but it is possible and extremely valuable not only to the students ' grades but also the professors ' morale and the institutions '

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