The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Society 's Health Today Essay

775 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Peer domestic violence plays a tremendous role in our society’s health today. It is a pattern of abuse that happens in a personal relationship ().Peer abuse is seen is several different forms. Domestic abuse can be mental, physical, economical, etc. Generally, when we hear the term domestic violence we automatically assume only women experience this abuse, however that is an incorrect accusation. Although domestic abuse is found more common in women. 85 percent of domestic abuse victims being women and 15 percent men (Scheller, 2014). Domestic violence is not narrowed by race, nor is it limited to only one sex or age group. Nearly, all American’s have experienced or has a friend who has been victimized by domestic violence. Nevertheless, domestic abuse can be taken care of if you seek the help offered to you. One form of a particular peer domestic violence is physical abuse. One in four women deal with domestic abuse in their lifetime, which may go unheard of (“Statistics,” n.d.). Physical domestic violence is popular among our friends, because most of the time it comes from their relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. 30% of couples struggle with domestic violence of some sort (Kim, 2014). A lot of times it is hard to help a friend through this traumatizing experience. Victims rather not talk about their abuse, and in most cases they hide the evidence. An abused person is often overwhelmed by fear, which can govern their every move (Aid & Refuge, 2012). Helping an…

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