Analysis Of Serving Life For Surviving Abuse By Jessica Pishko

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In Jessica Pishko’s essay, “Serving Life for Surviving Abuse,” she writes about the unfortunate event that happened to Kelly Savage. Pishko focuses on why Kelly got the outcome that she did and what it means for other women. Even though this essay is written in just five short pages, it really serves as an example to show what happens to those who were victims of abuse and how the court systems handle it. Pishko thoroughly explains Kelly’s story, includes eye opening facts about women in prison, and has changed many people’s perspectives towards domestic violence. Hopefully, those who were psychically, emotionally, and sexually abused in the past will be able to seek help whether they ended up in prison or not. Beginning at just age four, …show more content…
I have experienced abuse in a few ways that she has, but I never really looked at the big picture on how it impacts someone. Reading this essay has encouraged me to have an even stronger opinion about those who are in abusive relationships with someone, whether it’s a friend or partner. I definitely want those who were, or currently, being abused to tell someone. No matter the circumstance, I think everyone has at least one person they can trust enough to tell what is happening in their life, especially something that is obviously dangerous. I completely understand why someone is hesitant to speak out, because I was for a long time. A lot of people are actually completely blind to the fact that they are being abused, manipulated into thinking it is okay, or just too scared. I myself think that women are more blind to abuse than the others, because if you are in love, you do not look at the bad side of things, you always look for the good. I understand on a personal level of what women go through emotionally when they are abused, and it is one of the worst feelings in the world. Sadness, betrayal, and anger, all at

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