The Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Children Essay

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In today’s society it is quite common for the younger generation to have kids, and get married, leaving themselves with a bunch of responsibilities that they may not be ready for. If the parents are not ready then this will lead to a divorce. Many people believe that divorce can hurt a child in one way or another, even though it is the best choice for the parents. In my experience I feel that it will affect the child. Being a step parent myself, I get to see the difficulties a child goes through jumping from house to house. In my opinion a child will have some lack of discipline. Secondly, a child does not get the attention she/he deserves from each parent. Also, the amount of stress it can put on a child from not having their parents fully in their lives.
First of all, a child of divorce will always have a lack of discipline. When a child travels from house to house, different rules are set within both homes. This can cause trouble with both parents, and the child, because what is okay to do at mom’s house may not be okay to do at dad’s house. A child will sometimes act out towards the step parent as well just because they may feel you are to blame for their parents being divorced. I have been a step mom for the past four years, and throughout those years I have noticed my stepdaughter’s mom has a completely different view than I do on how to raise a child. Every weekend my boyfriend and I get my four year old daughter, and when it comes to bed time she refuses to go to…

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