The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children Essay example

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Divorce is an everyday struggle that adults deal with but do people ever look at the effects that it will have on a child or the children involved? Divorce is like a union and you become one with an individual and when that bond is broke its like a version of death. Children are effected in many ways such as, they see the struggle of the parents depression, financial changes and etc. By children seeing these changes it can cause a child depending on their age group to show symptoms of depression, rebel, or change their eating and sleeping habits. As a parent though what can you do to reduce these effects to were your child is in a better head space in general.

You can take an active role to reduce the pain of a Divorce for a child and ease them into the changes that will occur. When going through a Divorce as well you have to understand that your child is effected by nurture “environmental influences that shape behavior” (p. 8) The ways you can make sure you are nurturing and ease your child 's pain follow these few key methods referred to by Doskow (2015) , you should:

Process, don 't vent. You don 't have to hide the fact that you are stressed or that the divorce brings up difficult feelings for you. It 's fine to talk about those things in general ways, without burdening the kids with the details. In fact, airing some of these feelings and encouraging the children to reciprocate by sharing their own feelings may help them lose some of the fear and anger they may harbor…

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