The Effects Of Classroom On The Classroom Essay

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Classrooms are one of the most important environments that people will come in contact with during their lifetimes. A classroom can easily set up a learner for success or failure. It can also affect the way the people in the classroom treat each other, either producing a friendly environment or a chaotic one. This type of environment affects all people throughout their school careers, but it can be considered the most influential on children in their first years of school attendance. It is the first years that set up the child for the rest of their formal education, and the classrooms used during these years have the most influence. To display the differences classroom environments make, two kindergarten classes in different schools were observed. Classroom A was very organized with polite and attentive students and Classroom B seemed to be disorganized and somewhat chaotic. Classroom A was a nice size for the amount of children enrolled, allowing each child to have a separate desk and work area. It also allowed the teacher to make separate areas for learning centers, which seemed to help the students stay focused on whatever task needed to be completed. This classroom also offered many storage options, which allowed the space to look organized and clutter free. This class also had personal space for the student belongings along the back wall. Each student seemed to have ample space provided for them. Classroom B seemed to be too small for the 23 students enrolled in the…

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