The Effects Of Childhood Marketing On Society Essay

1448 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
“Media is the most powerful entity on earth. It has the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. Media has the power to control the minds of the masses” (Malcom 2013). Marketing to children is a major social problem that has been substantially growing each year. Children are the ultimate prize, they are the new powerful consumer demographic. Children have a large buying power totaling forty billion dollars a year as well have the ability to influence a seven hundred billion dollar adult spending market (Barbaro & Earp, 2008). This paper will explore the causes of childhood marketing as well the effects it has on society. I will argue that childhood marketing is manipulative causing major repercussions in society. The first section of the paper will outline how media consumption is directly correlated to increases the chance for health risks. The paper will then explore how the media has created sociological gender roles. I will outline how the beliefs of children have changed due to childhood marketing. I will explore the causes of the rise in materialism. I will argue that childhood marketers use unethical processes to gather information on children. I will explore how a theorist from each of the major school of thought would analyze the media industry. Finally, I will outline future solutions to the childhood marketing problem.
HEALTH PROBLEMS Childhood marketing has many implications on the health industry. Childhood marking is…

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