Cell Phones Cons

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Technology in our society is advancing at a rapid rate. As science improves and more breakthroughs are occurring, smart devices like cell phones are progressing in ways which people never thought could be possible. Cell phones are miraculous inventions that if used properly can be quite helpful on a daily basis. However, has their prominence in our daily life gotten to the point that they are now problematic in American society? Ask almost any teenager and their answer would likely be no. However, if one were to take a look at the people throughout America, they would likely see that teenagers are in fact the ones who show just how detrimental technology has become. No matter where I go, I feel as though I am observing a massive herd of sheep, …show more content…
Regardless of one 's take on smart phones, it is a must to appreciate the positives that cellphones have brought forth in our society. They allow for calls to be made almost anywhere, can pull up directions in a second, and make it possible to search an infinite amount of information on the Internet. These are just some of the many fantastic resources that are perfectly legitimate reasons to use cell phones. The point that cell phones need to start being used less is in the less resourceful aspects. Tweeting, texting, messaging, and playing games on cellular devices are fine to use in small doses. The problem arises when one becomes obsessed. While observing other students at dinner, it was easy to see a vast amount of friends sitting around a table and not even conversing. Although some people use their phones for productive things like setting up reminders and researching while at the dinner table, the amount using them in negative ways greatly outweighs the ones using them for good. People need to step back from their social media and other distractions. It is time to start engaging in face to face conversations, adventuring, and forming opinions outside of what is read on social media. By stepping back and experiencing the world, they can realize the positives in conversing in the real world and use phones for beneficial reasons. American society would benefit

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