The Effects Of Budget Cuts On Government Assistance Programs And Education

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Knowledge Is Power
Poverty takes a toll on everyone in the community. Low-income families know first hand on how much the effect of budget cuts on government assistance programs and education can be. Most of these people rely on these funds to help them survive, but what about those who don’t qualify for these programs, what about those people who don’t want those kinds of hand outs and seek a higher purpose in life. There are some people who grew up less fortunate than others but want to be better and do better, people who would rather help out a friend instead of it being the other way around. In America people have the right to make the best out of their situation even when the odds are originally stacked against them. People can choose to make a difference in their community even if it means only being able to help one person and change one life. For most the reality is people without a good education will have low-income.
Most low-income families require government assistance. Take Snap Benefits for example; Snap is a government program designed to help low-income families be able to provide food for their homes. Sure the program helps prevent a lot of families from going hungry in America in most cases, but in other cases the system is flawed by not requiring healthy food purchases only, and inappropriate use of the benefits; for instance like illegal transactions of selling food stamps for cash. Paying for childcare is another government assistance program that…

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