Essay on The Effects Of Bracero Program On The World War II

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During the World War II the Unites States was suffering a difficult time obtaining the diverse agriculture because of the war. Government was short in supplying agriculture. The country did not have workers to produce the lands. Then on August 4, 1942, the United States and Mexico created the Bracero program to keep American agriculture productive. ( ) The Bracero “(Spanish for "arm-man"—manual laborer) program continued uninterrupted until 1964. The agreement guaranteed a minimum wage of thirty cents an hour and humane treatment” such as food and shelter. () Of course, for many Mexicans this program was the salvation of poverty because there was many that cannot afford to support their families in Mexico. They were some very poor that work the whole day in Mexico and barely have money to eat. For this reason they look the Bracero Program as an opportunity to have a better life. However, for Americans the Bracero Program was the opportunity to keep their land producing agriculture. Therefore the Bracero Program has his advantages and disadvantages.
Some of the advantages that the Bracero Program brought were the hiring of illegal workers, financial compensations, living expenses and transportation. The program was able to bring Mexican workers and give to them temporally employment. The owners of the land pay for their work and give to them transportation to and from the farms they were working. In addition, this program was directly for rural workers from Mexico and the…

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