Las Gorras Announce Their Platform Of 1890 Analysis

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After the treaty of Hidalgo, Mexican Americans were guaranteed to be treated with equality and peace among the Anglo American. Those who had properties in the states that were bought by the Unites States were supposed to be able to keep their properties. However, this was not always the case. They were not treated equally and the justice system did not apply to them and were served with many injustices. They were also subjected to work long hours with unreasonable low wages, compared to everyone else. I argue that Mexican Americans had no choice but to turn to local heroes, vigilantes that produced violence and searched for help from Mexican Organizations, because they were being treated with such racism and did not receive equality with the …show more content…
A group knowns as the Gorras Blancas, the White Caps, were known for their violet acts and intimidation against the Anglo Americans, They were fighting for equality, and did not hesitate to do break the law to make their points. In “Las Gorras Blancas Announce Their Platform of 1890”, explains the reasons for their actions, “Our purpose is to protect rights and interest of the people in general” (Vargas,182)Proclamation of Las Gorras Blancas, 189). Their intentions were good, they wanted their people to be treated like proper human beings and not just a label. They fought back against the system by scaring them with their attacks towards anyone who was trying to obtain land that clearly belonged to the Mexican …show more content…
The Mexican Legislation addressed the United States on the unfair grounds that Mexican Americans were enduring. They gave specific details “…killing them and robbing their property… “(Vargas 177). There were serious crimes committed and they made sure that they shared it with those in power, hoping they could find a solution to end all the discrimination among their people. Unfortunately not much was done and very little was done. According to Governor Pease “…our laws are adequate to the protection of life and property, but when citizens and authorities of a county become indifferent to their execution, they are useless” (Vargas 179). There was no justice even after the issues were brought up to those in power. Mexican Americans only had each other, since no one else was willing to open up to the idea of full equality. Mexican Americans were not treated with the respect and equality that the treaty mentioned. They had to fight for their own properties, worry about racist violence and the inequality when it came to the work force and the justice system. Without the ability to confine in any of the Anglo Americans, they had to rely on each other to make it through their difficult times. They could only take so much from all the abuse, which then lead to the defiance and violence against those who tried to treat them

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