The Negative Effects Of Cigarette Advertising

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says modern entertainment? Most indefinitely it will have to do with technology, whether the latest and greatest iPhone, the newest movie, or the most popular TV show. Modern society revolves around entertainment and technology. What most do not realize, however, is what accompanies amusement. In almost all cases, whenever technology is utilized, advertisements follow. As much as the smartphone, the television, or the laptop is used, ads are viewed just as frequently. Advertisements have major effects on society, affecting everyone who partakes in America’s technologically-based culture.
Though they appear completely innocent, advertisements open doors to dangers affecting the common
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Advertising companies’ job is to create a product attractive to the consumer, no matter the actual quality of a product. One example of this is the nicotine agenda. Throughout the twentieth century, cigarette advertisements have been had a prominent influence on people, therefore, increasing the sales of the product (Shaw). Cigarettes have been proven to cause severe health issues that have led to death on more than one occasion. However, that is disregarded by advertisement businesses. Their only concern is how successful and attractive they can make the product appear. Therefore, marketers went through hoops to try to make cigarettes acceptable in society (Shaw). Due to the deceiving message of advertisement companies that cigarettes were a “good thing”, people were buying their product unaware of the effects the chemicals could have on the human body. Another modern day example of false advertising, affecting a large percentage of people, is the famous energy drink. In Hawaii specifically, the 5-hour energy drink was being advertised as a product that gave their consumer immediate energy from the vitamins and minerals the drink contained. However, “the Hawaii lawsuit says advertising claims that the vitamins and nutrients in 5-hour Energy Original and Extra-Strength causes users to function at enhanced levels are false because the only …show more content…
They actually have had the opposite effect of what ads were originally made for. Instead of drawing attention to an item, advertising companies now have to make their specific brand stand out to a consumer. When meeting a new person, is it easier to remember their name or their face? Like being introduced to a stranger, seeing a new commercial of the same product does not leave the consumer remembering the name of the specific company, just the item it is selling, and how many brands are there in society of every item sold to the public? Because of this repetition in the advertisement industry, people are losing interest in ads (Haddow). “The percentage of ads considered fully viewed and getting high attention has decreased dramatically, from 97% in the early 1990s to less than 20% today” (Teixeira). With this loss of attention, marketing businesses are forced to spend even more money on ads just to get their name out

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