The Effects Of Advertising On Society And Affect Popular Culture

820 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
In the United States alone over 250 billion dollars is spent on advertising alone. This equates to the average American viewing 3,000 advertisements every day and over a life time spending two years watching commercials alone (Killing Us Softly 4). The constantly bombardment of advertisements undoubtedly has an in pact on our everyday life’s, with not only the products we buy but, with our ideas and thought. This advertisements are pushing their idea of “normal” on society and affect popular culture in every aspect. Advertisements don’t just sell products but the sell ideas and values based upon the intersectionality of America’s patriarchal system. These ideas and values can be found in almost every advertisement. When inspecting the advertisement for Pepsi, one must look around the ad for some time, before seeing the Pepsi in the young boy’s hand. When using the rule of thirds which is a common used practice in film and photography, where the image is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally with two lines, where these line intersect are where viewers eyes naturally look for points of interest (see picture at bottom). The can of Pepsi doesn’t even fall onto the four main points of interest. But rather the young white boy face is one of the points of interest. He is looking down, at a lifeless, white, thin, blond, flawless, large breast women, meeting all of the beauty ideals of today. In particular the boy is looking at her breast. Objectifying the women…

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